Orso d’Abruzzo Orso Nero – Red Wine – 2017


Orso d’Abruzzo Orso Nero – Red Wine – 2017

  • Grape varieties: black grapes
  • Area: Sweet hills between Maiella and the Adriatic Sea
  • Grapes: The red wine “Orso Nero” comes from the combination of the famous Italian Montepulciano grape and the Merlot grape of French origin.
  • Soil: Medium mixture/tending to clayey
  • Altimetry and exposure: 180-250 m.a.s.l.
  • Age of vineyards: 25-30 years old
  • Vine training system: Pergola Abruzzese
  • Grape harvest: Manual harvesting, with selection of the best bunches of grapes
  • Vinification: Beginning of the first ten days of October in order to allow the Merlot to over-ripen in the vineyard, the grapes arrived in the cellar are processed and subjected to a long maceration, in contact with skins, at a fermentation temperature of about 28° C. At the end of this process the wine is aged in steel tanks for 15-18 months. After this process the wine is aged in steel tanks for 15-18 months and then in bottles for another 24 months.
  • Alcohol content: 14.5% ABV
  • Food and wine pairing and serving temperature: Boiled, roasted, and braised meat. 18-20° C
  • Sight: Purple red with ruby reflections.
  • Smell: Bouquet of violets, geranium, sour cherries and pomegranate grouped by a clear ethereal note which can be traced back to the group of hydrocarbons (precisely, asphalt).
  • Taste: Full-bodied wine with not particularly pronounced tannins. To be tasted a little more evolved.
  • Food and wine pairing: Flakes of Pecorino di Farindola and Scrucchiata, potato gateau, and Silla mushrooms.
  • Format: 0,750 ml

Bottled by CH/20305IT
on behalf of TENUTA MICOLI SRL
Loc. Guastameroli, Via XXIV Maggio
Frisa (CH) – ITALY

  • Contains sulfites
  • Not recommended for pregnant women
  • Produced in Italy
  • Waste for disposal: green glass, cork, aluminum capsules

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